or any other site if you go for option #1 😉

I guess you came here looking for the English version of this site. Well, there is no such version, I don’t write in English in this blog. I did consider doing so, but I always have better and more urgent things to do than adding features to this blog, like making it multi-lingual. So I’m not doing it, sorry to disappoint you.

However, there is still hope. The reason why I’ve decided not to do it is that it’s not really necessary. You can translate this site to any language (not just English) using Google’s translation in at least two ways:

  1. use Google Chrome (fastest browser) and benefit from its automatic translation
  2. otherwise, use the “Google trasnlate” gadget at the bottom of the side bar in this site

I know my style doesn’t make it easy to translate my posts, I’ve tried this translation service myself a few times and often found sentences get translated into the opposite of what I meant. But it’s OK so far. Or so I think so, but please feel free to disagree in the comments below, I left this post open for comment purposely 🙂

If you arrived to this blog searching for something and can’t read Spanish, you’re probably only interested in my photography, thoughts about photography (which I might continue posting, always in English) and/or perhaps my little of technical posts (mostly about Linux and web stuff). Only the last one is written in Spanish and you don’t need a translation for it 😉

In any case, as the owner if a very slow laptop, I very honestly recommend Google Chrome as the least sluggish modern browser 😉