A recent incident lead me to re-install WordPress, which in turn took me into the mood of making a few changes to this blog. One of these changes, probably the most notorious one, is that I’m going multilingual. Yes, at last.

I did consider moving to some other platform, hopefully one that is not based on PHP, even going for good old make, but I was in a rush and had (still have) many more thing to get done, so I’m still settling for the comfort of the known, just good enough, most popular blogging platform.

I don’t intend to translate everything I write. I admire those who do, but I reckon it’d take me extra time that, at this time, I feel I should spend in getting other things done. So you won’t get to choose the language to read what I write. Not just yet. It’s me who gets the freedom to choose the language/s to write on. At time, I may write about the same thing in more than one language. Not translating, but rather a writing different thoughts about the same subject.

That said, make sure to check how to translate miguev.net 😉

So, what is this all about?

I’ll write whatever I fancy, just like I’ve been doing for the last seven years.

I’m not into maintaining, for instance, a personal blog in Spanish and technical blog in English, which is not uncommon. I’d rather just write about anything I fancy, in whichever language I fancy –and whenever I fancy 😛

Therefore, you’ll find both personal and technical stuff in both languages, pretty much depending on my mood and, in some cases, what I think is the most likely target audience.

If you’d like to subscribe to the English content in this blog, here is the feed.

Regarding comments: since I’ll write in whichever language I feel like, so should you. If you wanna say something and (for whatever reason) don’t want to say it in English or Spanish, be my guest to write in any other language, you wouldn’t be the first one to leave a comment in Italian 😉

Naturally, if you write something that I can’t undertand or get a proper translation, I might just remove it. No offence intended. Really.

Next, I’ll move over here what I had in my little blog in English. WordPress.com is a great platform to host a blog, but at this time I reckon I need (or just want) to do a few things that require using my own hosting.