Up to two months ago I was posting in Flickr a mix of good and not-so-good photos but didn’t want to post in Flickr all my photos, I had my own photo gallery for the bulk of them. However, that changed and now I have two Flickr photostreams: my main photostream for the photos I like most and my other photostream for the bulk of them all, where you might find photos you like more than me! — and this has happened already.

From now on, I will mostly follow a predictable flow of publication: whenever I get a photo I really like –or go to a place and want to link you to the bulk of photos I took there, even if no one are really good– I will post one or two photos in my main photostream, which will link to the bulk set of photos. Photos from friends and family will go to my other photostream –with appropriate access control– and only if I get a really good one –and permission to publish it– will I post it in my main photostream for the joy of everyone.

That said, you may want to visit or watch my other photostream to check for new photos even if there is no change in my main photostream. I will be happy with people adding me (private-miguev) as contact, but will rarely add people as contact from that account and very few will be marked as friend in that account. If you want to (social) network with me, please use my main (miguev) account.

There is yet something I’m not completely happy with about Flickr: their maps. Being used to Google Maps I find myself quite disappointed when I see how old Flickr maps are, quite inappropriate for accurately placing photos. This is why I am also using Panoramio, which lets me place photos very accurately and they may even get selected to be displayed in Google Earth. And you can always have a look at the map of all my photos in Panoramio.