I wanted to wait until the end of this year, but in my last visit to Tenerife, my father scared me with this:

Nikon has stopped manufacturing the D80 and Maya knows about it, that’s why they are selling it so cheap. The D200 price dropped €200 a couple of days before the D300 was announced. Now the next DSLR must be about to be announced.

He told me that on June 26th and the new Nikon D700 was announced on July 1st, so he was right! Knowing how damn good he is for this kind of thing, I ran to Maya (Nikon’s representative in Tenerife) just before taking my flight back to Ireland but they didn’t have any D80 body left, all sold out! Luckily they had a kit without lenses and I could take its body, only because we have been regular customers for about 30 years 🙂

  • Nikon D80

After having this camera (well, my father’s) for a couple of weeks (see some photos) I learned many things and took a few decisions. I already told you about one but that was only to be expected, probably everyone was just waiting for me to realize. The one no one would expect is that I intend to use my DSLR nearly as a film camera, but that will be another post… some day 😉