Flickr is my winner. This is a bit of WTF, many –if not most– people use Flickr and they are pretty happy with it, why should I not?

Well, I had a few strong reasons to run my own gallery using Gallery on a Dreamhost hosted account:

  • store as much as Dreamhost lets me, which is over 20GB and increases every month!
  • keep granular control on what can each user do with each photo
  • upload photos using rsync
  • or just digiKam
  • have an album-tree hierarchy replicating the one in my hard drive
  • and I could use SSL at any time I wanted

I just want to put my pictures on the Internet as a backup, surely Dreamhost do backups better than me! But some pictures had to be restricted, so I needed users (accounts) and access control. This was both very important and a bad pain, specially because users are lazy and very few were willing to have yet another username and password, so they ended up not seeing the pictures.

So suddenly I realized that I don’t need too granular access control and Flickr’s private groups will do the trick nicely, Flickr no longer have storage or bandwidth limits on Pro accounts and I wouldn’t have to bother my friends with yet another username and password they would not use –because, I insist, they are lazy… me too ūüėÄ

At first I wished to make Gallery use Gmail to authenticate users, but never had the time to implement this and neither did anybody else. Later on I realized, weird as it sounds, I had friends refusing to use Gmail :-O

Well, Internet is free (as free spech, not free beer… that made me thirsty, I miss the Guinness so much after two weeks on antiboitics…) but luckily they all use Flickr, at least just enough to login and see pictures. That’s fine, I don’t care where they upload their pictures (Picassaweb, SmugMug, Tuenti, … Whatever) as long as they can login in Flickr, and they do.

There is yet the problem of having a friend download all that weekend’s pictures in a zip with a few clicks, there is no free (of charge) way to do it yet. In exchange, I get a very nice bulk editing facility, the Organizer. For the zip download I can just zip them myself and post the zip in my blog, optionally password proteceted.

Yet I suddenly realize of how really good is having each picture in none or more sets, so that there is a nice and easy way to browse through photos from that weekend and that beatiful friend too. Of course you can use tags, but not for slideshows.

So why not any other? Dropshots looked good in the ad, but when I tried it out… no tags, not intended to publish and worst of all no fully-working link to web uploader. Atpic is soo simple that it’s a bit too simple for me, no AJAX, no bulk edit… imagine having to move 30 pictures without bulk editing! Phanfare has SSL for login (Atpic and Dropshot hasn’t) but requires Java 1.5+ or Flash 9.0+ or Windows or Mac and I’m not willing to use any plataform-dependent software for my pictures.

Actually I use digiKam, which I don’t know to be easy to install in Windows or Mac, but the databse is just SQLite 3 and it’s really easy to extract all information from it. Try that with iPhoto, Picassa or any other.

So in the end I user Flickr not only to post my best pictures but also all my pictures as a backup and an easy way to keep them reachable by authorized people only –which is everybody for public pictures.

For the pictures I have already uploaded to my primary Flickr account (miguev) I have two options: (a) delete it, if it has no comments, no notes and nobody call it a favorite (which means no body will miss it) or (b) redirect to it from the new copy in my secondary (backup) Flickr account (private miguev), like this.

So, let’s the show get started. I have just over 6000 photos, not including some trips!