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meet D5

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Last saturday I managed to go to the meet D5 with the meet Dublin Flickr group.

It was a nice day with clouds and run rays coming and going all the time, the kind of days I prefer rather than a sunny day. Apart of the lovely weather 😛 I also met nice people and enjoyed myself risking anything to get the shot I wanted and eventually having dinner –once more– at the Market Bar.

From this time I have posted only 12 pictures in Flickr, but the whole lot can be seen in my (new) bulk album:, to which I will –someday– upload all the pictures in my hard drive, mainly for backup purposes.

See also the pictures from the people who joined D5: decsramble, DublinWolf, Eriçk, Ilja, Nicola T and Sofavile. Thanks Ilja for the Flickr goodies! 🙂

For the film shots we’ll have to wait until Monday since I’m dropping the roll on Saturday and will collect it on Monday. Hopefully 😉

Update: I’ve uploaded the film shots for this meet Dublin –only the good ones 😉

Why I stick to film photography

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At the moment, 195 of my 655 photos at Flickr are from film. That’s a good 30%.

When people ask me why I stick to film photography –sometimes incorrectly called analog photography, just in contrast with digital photography— I usually don’t know what to answer. I don’t know which one of the many reasons I have should I tell. Well, anyone looking just for a comparison can look it up on the Wikipedia, what I provide here is just my personal point of view.

A quick answer could be just because I can, since film photography is worth if you enjoy it. It’s not worth for most people, who want just to take as many pictures as they can and with immediate feedback. Digital photography is easier, quicker and far cheaper… once you get the camera, which can cost anything up to €4000.

A not-so-quick answer will be because I can afford it, meaning that I can’t afford any digital camera that would let me do the same I can do with my film cameras. Extrange as it sounds, film photography is the cheapest option for my to do photography, since I mean photography as a hobby art, not just taking pictures.

However, money is only a limitation –just like gravity, and more about it later– but not a motivation. What really motivates me to keep shooting film –and will keep me even after getting the DSLR I want– are those precious features only film has.

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