It wasn’t that I was on holidays somewhere far far away and incommunicated, away from any computer, enjoying myself in a caribbean beach, drinking something colorful with an umbrella in it.

Certainly not, it wasn’t quite like that.

It was more like being absent from my own life due to having my sweet teenager sister at home for two months, not having time to write in my (main) blog and actually having not much to write about anyway.

Even when I thought I was back, it was only a partial return because I was, at last, on holidays! My family came to Dublin and we had a nice time walking about in Dublin and driving around Galway.

I thought I liked Dublin up until I saw Galway… I love it!

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I fell in love with this city, if I ever wanted to send IT to $HELL and take a sabbatical year, I would go to Galway and get a relaxed job –supposing I couldn’t afford not working at all. This is actually what one of the Kinlay House Galway friendly staff members is doing at the moment, after some years working as system administrator in Spain.

Even my sister, being fed up of the irish weather, said she wouldn’t mind to live in Galway. I think she wasn’t aware of the weather she would have there ­čśÇ

But it’s true that if there is any city in Ireland for her, Galway is it. Music hangs in the air… everywhere!

We enjoyed ourselves a lot and spent nice days together, but eventually my family flew back to Tenerife and I was alone for a couple of days.

A bit of a rest, I have to admit, before a friend came to Dublin for Erasmus. This has made these last days a bit of interesting times ­čśë but it’s nice to have her around.

Now I have this friend here and another friend in University College Cork, enjoying the Erasmus grant I was denied last year. As my mother says, sometimes the best thing that can happen to you is not getting what you want. Yet I really hope to get what I want know! Stay tuned in case I do ­čśë