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Bloomsday is gone

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As I suspected, I couldn’t finish reading Ulysses before Bloomsday. I’ve only read about 200 of the nearly 900 pages of Ulysses and I’m reading its Spanish translation, but it’s still damn hard to follow. I hope next year I’ll have read it.

In the meantime, I spend this weekend enjoying the Street Performance World Championship at Merrion Square. It has been a very nice weekend, one of the best I’ve had in Ireland so far 🙂

  • The Space Cowboy and me :)

I took quite a few digital pictures, instead I shot two 35mm rolls and I’ve just dropped them at Gunn’s today. I don’t think that the pictures will be ready soon, I still have to post the pictures from my last B&W roll, which I collected today.

While you keep on developing your patience with me 🙂 you can enjoy the video with the last stance of The Space Cowboy, amazing guy!

Grafton People

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As you surely have already guessed, Grafton Street is my favorite place in Dublin when I have nothing to do and I want to have a nice time. First time I was there I thought “I want to live here!”. Later on I agreed that it is far more important to live near your work place and save time ten times a week.

Well, the reason why I love this street –more than anywhere else in Dublin– is its people, the musicians and other street performers who I’m calling Graton People. They are also the reason why I took so many pictures this weekend, because they are –nearly– the only people who don’t run I away when I aim to them 😀

Among the tons of pictures I took this weekend, here it is the one I said I’d take, with this statue stoneman and his e-mail clearly readable on his bucket:

  • It's him!

Stone Statueman in action on Grafton Street

I know it’s not fair, but have to say I took quite a few pictures of him this weekend, most of which are now are at John Gunn Camera Shop. Hence, I have to ask everybody –again– to bear with me.

In the meantime, I want to ask you all street performers, including musicians: why? Really, why do you do this? I know you all get some money from this –because my sister also does– but I wonder what is your actual motivation to do this. I’m sure each and every artist has his/her own reason to do this, I’m just curious.

Said that, I have to confess that yesterday I though that, perhaps, I could join you. Just posing frozen with my camera stick to my face, as if I were shooting someone else, because when I take my time to take a picture some people stop to look at me, as if I were a statue 😀

South Ulster Concert Band

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I lost last weekend staying at home a bit sick, but today I went out to get some sun and hot fresh air, so I also got some pictures and a handful of videos with a range of musicians and other street performers in Grafton Street.

I will need some time to sort them and prepare them to be posted. In the meantime, may you enjoy the music from the South Ulster Concert Band little concert this afternoon at the lovely St. Stephen’s Green.

The girl in the video was just practicing with cariocas and I chose her as a moving picture for the music. There were more jugglers on the grass, who must be here for the Street Performance World Championship, next weekend at Merrion Square.

I will post more videos along with pictures of the musicians and street performers I found today at Grafton Street, stay tuned! 😉

Bloomsday is coming

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  • Stony Joyce

Two weeks ago in Grafton Street this stoneman was imitating James Joyce‘s statue in O’Connell St. while his Ulysses audiobook was playing.

I understood what he was doing only because I was already reading Ulysses, because I want to enjoy the next Bloomsday in two weeks. Unfortunately, after more than a month I’ve read only 160 of 900 pages so I don’t think I’ll finish the book on time 😀