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Back home

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  • I'm back

It may sound tough, but it is here in Dublin were I feel I’m back home, back to where I live. Of course my mother says this is where I’m living but I really have no plans to change country (again) so I do mean I live here. And I love this place.

Everything starts somewhere…

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Welcome to my little blog, first time I’ll be posting in English –hopefully– in a regular basis. If you can read Spanish, please be welcome to my big blog.

English is not my native language and I don’t think I’m good at it, hence I don’t feel comfortable writing in English. I have to write quite a lot in English in my job and my boss alway says my logging is very good, but still I don’t feel comfortable enough to post (on the public Internet) regularly in English. However, this must change. I need some evolution.

My best-friend Miss. Susan Sto Helit taught me a lot of English pronunciation and phonetics the hard way: shouting me or slapping my head –sometimes both– every time I made a mistake when reading a book. When I moved to Ireland I missed her shouts. Now, after having read a long post –I will not link here :-P– she encouraged me to post in English as a way to improve my spelling, with the only help of Firefox spelling corrector. Of course I’ll cheat: using the Wiktionary.

And so a story begins in Dubh-Linn, the twin city of both sides of river Liffey. The story might jump to different places when I go for holidays, but the main landscape will be Dublin and –hopefully– the countryside of beautiful Ireland.

You’ll want to know the full story. Well, it’ll be mainly about my Flickr photostream. Here I’ll write about the meaning of my pictures, perhaps about how I take them, although I don’t think it’s worth to get technical there.

Let’s the story get started!